Sanitary Angle Seat Valve

Sanitary Angle Seat Valve

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Technical Date

Range of pressure:0-2.5Mpa(PN0-PN25)

Medium temperature: -20~+180°C(normal type) -20~+300°C(high temperature) enviroment temperature:-10?+60oC

Technical Date:

The valve body material :stainless steel 304/316L.

Seal material:PTFE

The shell of actuator:

polyamide and stainless steel.


Control gas: neutral gas,air control liquid:automation industry control fluid,foodstuff dairy industry,domestic water,common pipeline fluid medium and so on.The angle seat valve is extensively use to frequently start in short time,with feature of response delicacy and exact action.


angleseat valve keep the flow speed and can save the space,it adopt oriented angle seat valve which have spring safety protective single function pneumatic actuator for operated. When use,should choose normally open or close.The product is made of steel and PTFE,it can use to the majority gas,fluid,steam and causticity have radiator to the actuator,ensure can use longer.

 DESIGN FEATURES: have valve open or close position display.

2.pneumatic guide outside,can prolong the service life,maintenance free.

3.1t have self-regulation sealing gland between overfall and slider,can improve sealing property.

4.The structure of angel seat valve body,can achievable mass flow(especially compare with normal stop valve),compact structure response is fast.


Single function(The pneumatic head usually a hole):working principle:to reach the open and close function according to spring reset,it divide into normally open and close.

Double function(The pneumatic head usually two hole):working principle:give the air to control switch.(according to customer’ s required,it can choose double function add spring rest,control precise)

The pneumatic angle seat valve according to pipeline installation category can divide int to: welded,damped,threaded and flanged connect type.

The actuator of pneumatic angle seat valve can dividein to:plastic actuator angle seat valve and stainless steel actuator angle seat valve.