Tank Bottom Valve

Tank Bottom Valve

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Quick install three piece pneumatic full package tank bottom ball valve


This ball valve with special tank bottom flange connection, be welded on the tank bottom. The design of contour and radius have effective gravity discharge function. Also smooth taper hole and the sphere closely to the bottom, which prevent the medium from staying at the entrance of valve. Make sure drain smoothly.



Small fluid resistance, resistance equal to same length section of pipe Simple structure, small volume, light weight

Easy to operate, open and close rapidly, from fully open to fully closed only 90 degree rotation, convenient remote control. Easy maintenance, simple structure, convenient to disassembly and replacement the seal

ice seal , PTFE sealing, at fully open or fully closed, sphere and the sealing surface of valve seat are Isolate with medium. When medium transiting, these will not cause erosion of sealing surface.

Connection: clamp, weld, thread, flange

Size: 1〃-4〃Standard: 3A,DIN,SMS,IDF,RJT,BPE,ISO